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"Your chapter gives your always zingy style of imparting knowledge with your pairing of storytelling and info/rubric, and your bona fides support your method--all in a light, concise, non-didactic way that readers can easily understand and begin to use."

Susan Lynch


"Jessika explains clearly, with relevant examples, of how synchronicity is a gift the universe grants to those who seek it."

Kurt Thoma


What is a Creative Force?


It is a person who:

  • Lives their life fully.

  • Defines success on their own terms.

  • Uses their inner fire and resources to live a satisfying life.

  • Is an energy compelled to use gifts to serve the greater world.

  • Sees life as an adventure to be explored and savored.


Creative Force Coaching

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  • Do you seek a better way to manage your life, in a strong and creative way?

  • Do you want to know how to go from A to B without having to go to Z?

  • Perhaps you don't know how you got to A in the first place.

  • Creative Force Coaching is a method that combines neuroscience, contemplative being, creative problem solving and goal achievement.

  • This method is appropriate for both individuals and groups.

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Who is Jessika Satori?

Dr. Jessika Satori is a creative force,
a renaissance woman
with life experience in the areas of
education, poetry,
business consulting,
world travel and adventure learning.


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Creative Spiritual Guiding



Also known as Spiritual Direction, Creative Spiritual Guiding
is a way of walking with a person as a guide. 

Dr. Satori focuses on the inner creative soul to encourage motion toward an artistic expression, which will serve the greater good. 

Some of the artistic expressions may include Sandplay, poetry, movement or painting.

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Bumping Up to First Class
Your Next Step: Going from A to B
Synchronicity: The Entrepreneur's Edge

Saints and Sages--release All Saints Day--November 1, 2021
Come to My Dinner Party
I'm a Product of Thomas Jefferson's Seventh Generation
The Angle of Repose

Business Consulting

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Dr. Satori performs business consulting to reach corporate goals.
This can include the areas of business planning, marketing plans, strategic planning and goal setting and achievement.

Bringing the background of theatre to business, she also improves presentation for individuals and groups engaging them.

Jessika has worked with such projects as planning for small business, records and information management for local municipalities, large non-profit and governmental entities in the areas of records retrieval and retention and business planning for green and socially responsible business.

Jessika also supports entrepreneurs and business owners in helping in strategic planning, resource planning, or walking through crisis situations. She implements proven business techniques with neuroscience to support decision making.

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Speaking Topics

Jessika welcomes topics to customize to your audience.

Examples of topics:

Your Absolute Best:  Heighten your presentation performance with that help from the lens of a film director.  This interactive workshop is designed for those is sales, marketing, or any situation that a confident, clear message is needed.

Changing Your Mind Changes Your Story:  The quality of life depends on the story you tell yourself and those that you believe from other's storytelling. Learn how your story shapes your life and ways you can change your story to change your life.

Directing Your Life:  Create and check off items on your “Bucket List” that you want to accomplish.  A great workshop whether you are in the entertainment field, freelancing, or find yourself in a personal or professional transition.

Cut to the Chaise Lounge:  Rest and renewal?  What’s that?  Strategize your thinking and actions to create and maintain a sustainable lifestyle.  This is offered for a general audience and can be customized for a particular audience.


Selected Speaking Engagements

Give Me Your Best Business, near Antananarivo, Madagascar

So You Want to Be a Filmmaker? Seattle, WA

Work Creatively with Actors using Music, Morgan Hill, CA.

Train the Trainer Workshop, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Creative Problem Solving in Business Decision Making, Iacocca Global Village on the Move in both Abu Dhabi, UAE and at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA.

Global Entrepreneurship, Festival of Thinkers, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE. One of forty global "thinkers" that included ten Nobel Prize winners. see more


Timing is Everything, Everett Chamber of Commerce, Everett, WA.

Women's Leadership Styles, Women's Leadership Conference, Spokane WA.

Synchronicity, Creative Clusters Conference, Glasgow Scotland.

Being at the Right Place at the Right Time, Masan University, Masan, South Korea.

Focus on Entrepreneurship, Zhukovsky Russia.

Intuition Seminar at Sea, St. John's Island, The Caribbean.

International Conference on Science and Consciousness, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

International Conference on Creativity, Midland, Michigan.