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The Present Minded Professor™

Dr. Jessika Satori is a renaissance woman, entrepreneur, author and educator.

She is a committed diplomat, strategic thinker and business owner. She has integrated her experiences as a manager, speaker, musician, dancer, community participant, writer and world traveler to consult with companies and coach individuals for world service.

Dr. Satori developed the Mind Mentors™ system to incite creative change in dynamic organizations. Jessika works with leaders individually as a coach and in teams as a consultant. Her consulting practice is based on experience gained from 15 years as a business owner. Some of the areas of consulting include building communication skills, strategic planning and business development.


Dr. Satori has consulted with business and organizations such as:

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Jessika is a dynamic speaker who has presented on the topics of leadership, creativity, human relationships and workplace trends. She has spoken to:

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Dr. Satori specializes in business writing that is readily understandable and quickly adapted for the workplace. Her book Synchronicity: The Entrepreneur's Edge is a book for budding and successful entrepreneurs to learn more about business growth through "being at the right place at the right time." She has written several articles in the areas of leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship for an international audience and has assisted clients in writing grant proposals and business plans.

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Jessika is an educator in the US, Russia, Asia and the Middle East. Dr. Satori was one of 25 World Thinkers at the 2005 Festival of Thinkers in the United Arab Emirates, ten out of the 25 being Nobel Prize Laureates.

She was awarded fellowships at The Boeing Company, The Alden B. Dow Creativity Center, and for the State of Washington as a Governor's Executive Fellow.

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